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Master Adjustable Length Checking Kit 6-14 Inches

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3/8 Diameter Adjustable Pushrod Length Checking Kit


For use between 6 inches and 14 inches of overall lengths


8 Tools come standard with this kit (6 inch, 7 inch, 8inch, 9inch, 10inch ,11inch, 12inch, 13inch)

Each Aluminum tool will come with a 5/16 ball and lock nut , as well as 2 additional 5/16 , 3/8 and V-Cup are included with each master length checking kit.

This is a must have for any engine builders tool box.


Note - We would recommend also buying our "Sleeve Checking Kit" to allow for clearance at the port hole and lifter body to be checking with ease! ( Part #624)


Rockerarm Geometry and Proper Pushrod Length


Many variables directly affect determing proper pushrod length. Pushrod length is affected by all of the variables listed below.
• Block deck height
• Head deck height
• Cam base circle diameter
• Head stud boss height / rockerarm stand mounting pad
• Rockerarm design
• Lifter receiver cup height
• Valve stem height
Remember that every engine is different because the combination of these variables change from one engine to another. Take the time necessary to determine proper pushrod length with each engine you build. Do not assume that your pushrod length is the same as your friends engine. We have given some guidelines in this section to help you determine proper pushrod length for both roller rockerarms and shoe rockerarms. Each type of rockerarm style has different instructions.With shaft mounted rockerarms, raising or lowering the stands to change the rockerarm shaft height is usually necessary to obtain proper rockerarm geometry. With stud mounted rockerarms, changing the pushrod length achieves the same effect.


  • 1. Obtain an adjustable checking pushrod (available from Manton)
  • 2. Light duty checking springs must be used in place of valve springs to allow you to rotate the valve train and check for proper contact pattern on the valve stem.
  • 3. You will need an accurate measuring device to measure your adjustable pushrod once you have locked your adjustable pushrod at the correct length.
  • 4. Ball/Ball designs are to be ordered by overall length measurement. (The standard flat diameter on the ends of the pushrods is .100).
  • 5. Ball/Cup designs are most properly ordered by the effective length. This length is measured from the bottom of the cup radius to the tip of the ball. Overall length can also be given but tell us how deep the cup depth is. Make sure when ordering ball/cup pushrods that you specify effective or overall length.



If you have any additional questions please feel free to Email or Call us!

Made in America!


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